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Bible is not an old book. It has real stories and Christians know the actual power. There is no second word to the Bible. However, now many people are unable to carry the Bible book, wherever they go. Fortunately, there is Jesus Christ Stickers, an app bringing the Bible on your phone.

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Going through an app to know the Word of God may see different. But this app Jesus Christ Stickers is sure to captivate the readers. It brings the Bible to your hands through the phone. You can access, read, and pray conveniently, from anywhere. The Bible app can be shared easily with other Christian followers.

Features of Jesus Christ Stickers app

  • Bibles allow reading offline without network access.
  • There are versions with audio
  • The app offers the experience of many languages
  • Switching between the version of the Bible and the languages is possible

Jesus Christ Stickers app is an app bringing the Bible with plenty of features. It is everyone’s personal app now and there is no need to look for short versions or pocketbooks. This app is good, easy to download, and access. The app is open-source and frees without any advertisement.

Benefits of Jesus Christ Stickers app

Always with you

There is no need to carry a physical Bible book or the chronological reading plan printout, wherever you go. Now, the Jesus Christ Stickers app is the best as it is always with you on your smartphone, computer, or tablet. Just download the app and you can get going.

The app works on all the devices. If you are in a hurry and lack time in the morning at home, you can pick up right from where you left while you are traveling, sitting before a meeting appointment, and catch up with the verses you missed. It works as an eyeopener and you feel relaxed.

Increases faith and encouragement

There are times when you feel uncertain or have mixed emotions. It is the time you must increase your encouragement and faith by reading the Bible form the Jesus Christ Stickers app.

This app has various capabilities that it allows you to share the verse of the Bible through Facebook, text, email, or Twitter. You also can find the verses easily and set the fonts that suit your readability. Enjoy the words of Jesus and stay motivated. Listen to the app while you mow the lawn, drive, or walk home after work.

Engage with God by downloading the Jesus Christ Stickers app!

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