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Cross emoji is for the depiction of the Christian Cross, the icon of Christianity. Christian religious references are marked with the Christian Cross. Actually, the cross emoji depicts the instrument used for the crucifixion of Jesus. The cross emoji is often used by those who want to pray and those who want to express love or remembrance of somebody. Cross emoji is used to convey different types of messages – serious, heartfelt, sincere, sobering, joyful. In religious discussions also use cross emoji along with other emojis. In the year 1993, the cross emoji was approved as part of Unicode 1.1. In 2015, it was added to Emoji 1.0. In Facebook cross emoji is depicted as a cross on a white background and in various other platforms, it is a simple cross form on purple or pink background. Cross emoji can be copied and pasted directly. The most common cross emojis are the Latin Cross and the Greek Cross. While cross symbols are religious, some of the cross emojis are used for other purposes. Cross emoji can be found in pharmacies, hospitals, clinical labs, and emergency medical vans. When it is used for religious purposes, the cross text symbol (✞) is prominent.

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Meanings of cross emojis

There are different cross emojis and their meanings are also different.

✚ – this is called the Greek cross emoji and its arms are of equal lengths. This is one of the most common Christian symbols. Right from the 4th century, this symbol is in use.

✞- This is the Latin cross emoji and is also known as the Christian cross. This emoji is referred to as a symbol of Christianity. This is also one of the most common Christian symbols. It represents the cross used for the crucifixion of Jesus.

☓ – this X-shaped cross emoji is associated with St. Andrew, the patron of Scotland. This is the national symbol of Scotland. St. Andrew was martyred on this symbol and hence it is also called St. Andrew’s cross or simply Andrew Cross.

☦ This cross emoji depicts the orthodox cross text.

✠ This cross emoji depicts the Bolnisi cross and is taken from an old ornament in Bolnisi Sioni Church. This is the national symbol of Georgia. This symbol is in use right from the 5th century.

‡ This cross emoji is known as The Cross of Lorraine.
The cross symbol originated from Babylonians in course of time it was spread to other countries like Greece, India, Egypt, and Syria.

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