Church Emoji

The church is associated with Christianity. Churches organize mass prayers and conduct regular religious services, weddings, funerals, and baptisms. Church Emoji was included as Unicode 5.2 in the year 2009. In 2015, the church was added to emoji 1.0. Church emoji can be typed in different methods – copy and paste, windows alt-codes, and HTML entities. Copy & paste is however the easiest way. We can have the church emoji on our PC and mobile phone without installing the emoji keyboard. Just we need to do is to select, copy and paste the church emoji symbol. The symbol is to be selected just like a regular text and copy the same to the clipboard.

Subsequently, go to another website or application. Then paste the emoji using the keyboard or context menu. Ctrl/Cmd+C keys are used for copying and Ctrl/Cmd+V keys are used for pasting the emoji.

First, the emoji symbol may appear as a question mark or a black square. The website or the application will convert the same to the appropriate image.

christian emojis for android

When we want to type church emoji using HTML entities, it is to be remembered that the HTML entities can be used only on websites. In messages, church emoji HTML entity code is to be pot in decimal or hexadecimal form. On submission, they will be translated to the actual graphical representation of the church emoji.

Church emojis from the Android app

Android apps such as Christian Emoji are available for free and can be easily downloaded from the Google Play app store. Apart from other emojis, these apps feature church emojis. You can share these church emojis with your friends. Once you install an app like the Christian Emoji app, your messages and chats will have a new look. The different church emojis in these apps are quite original, cool, and really amazing. They are also versatile and very interesting. The universality of these apps is surprising and we keep getting more new and unique church emojis from the app. With every update diverse and more interesting church emojis will be introduced. Hence those who have installed the android apps should keep them updated.

How to use the apps?

After downloading the free app from Google Play Store and installing the same, tap on the app icon on your home screen. Then you can scroll through all the emojis. Below the top bar, you can see the different emoji categories which can be horizontally scrolled through. When you want church emoji, you may scroll through the church emoji category. Once you find an emoji that you liked, tap on the emoji, and a new screen will open with that church emoji. Tap the share button in the bottom right corner. Now a screen will pop upon which you will find all the apps that you can share the emoji to and now select the app which you want. As the final step select the person in your contacts list to whom you want to send the church emoji.

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