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Bible Emoji is in fact the 21st century update of the Holy Bible, which is indeed one among the most translated book into maximum number of languages the world over. Bible Emoji is identified as an amazing way of sharing the gospel with fun and excitement. The Unicode-approved emoji uses internet slangs and contractions that are quite common. Bible Emoji interprets all the 66 books of King James Version. This new translation of the Holy Bible has rendered the great scriptures of Christianity in emojis. The Bible verses were being posted on Twitter in emoji forms for an year. The new Bible Emoji is based on those posts.

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The overwhelming response from readers

Bible Emoji brings the message from God in a very different way. Bible Emoji is the modern Bible in a modern language. Since it is a fun way of interpreting the Bible, it is quite natural that the readers laugh when they go through the Holy Scriptures when they appear in emoji forms. The overwhelming response to Bible Emoji on Twitter reveals that Bible Emoji had a positive reception. Though there had been a few negative comments online, the majority of readers welcome Bible Emoji. Many parents admit that the visual version of the Holy Bible helped their children to read and easily understand the Holy Book. Bible Emoji is a real boon for children with learning disabilities. In Emoji Bible, no part of the scriptures are altered or rewritten but, the scriptures are condensed and brought into emoji form. The great advantage of Bible emoji is that it helps readers to understand the Bible in context.

Access Bible offline

People like emojis mainly because emojis are universal. This characteristic of emojis makes them so great. They are free of gender, race, and agenda. Bible emoji enables people to read the Holy book in a different way. Now, people can read the gospel that appears in the form of Christian Emoticons. Old and New Testament come with a variety of smileys. Bible Emoji comes in different versions like English, Spanish, Portuguese and more. Bible Emoji provides offline access to Bible and is also shared in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp.

Emoji keyword

A Bible Emoji keyword is specially designed for Bible readers. The readers will really enjoy typing the Bible Emoji keyword theme. Those who desire to have Bible Emoji can install the Bible Emoji Keyboard from Emoji Keyboard – Cute Emoticons. More amazing themes and features are in the pipeline. In Bible Emoji, the verses are marked in different colors and readers can share the verse image with their friends. The emoji keyboard is stylish, simple and user-friendly. Stickers from the keyboard can be shared through social apps like Facebook and Whatsapp. Those who download the bible emoji app can enjoy reading the emoji-based scriptures.

The app brings the various scenes of the Bible such as Joseph being sold by his brothers, Lot hosting his uncle Abraham, David cutting off the head of Goliath, the famous sea creature swallowing Jonah, and so on.

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